4 simple ways to improve your talks

1. Find the right audience

It’s important to identify your target audiences. Ask yourself at the outset, who will be interested in your expertise?

  • They actually need your insights
    Extreme example: Kindergartener’s don’t need Martin Hägglund’s insights on continental philosophy at this stage in their young lives.
  • It culturally makes sense
    Extreme example: Talking about craft beers to a group of devout Muslims won’t resonate.
  • The content is age/situation appropriate
    Extreme example: If you are going over key football tactics to a knitting circle in a retirement home, you will probably end up with more than one bored knitter.

2. Level-up your education and skills

Event organizers are looking for speakers who have skills and experience and training.

3. Create the right marketing materials

If you’re building your speaking business, you’ve got to have the right marketing tools and materials ready to go. We want to take a look at which marketing materials you should create and use to help you promote yourself as a speaker. Click on the links to learn more:

4. Learn from and reach out to other speakers

Ensure that you are continuously learning from other speakers. Watch TED Talks, go to conferences and take notes, find a network of speakers and ask them for tips. Reach out to speakers you like and respect on social media.

Enjoy yourself

The above steps illustrate some great ways to improve your talks. However, the most essential thing about delivering a great talk is enjoying the experience.

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