4 simple ways to improve your talks

1. Find the right audience

  • You have similar values
    Extreme example: If Wolfgang Puck talks to vegan activists about carving veal, he is probably not going to get a great response.
  • They actually need your insights
    Extreme example: Kindergartener’s don’t need Martin Hägglund’s insights on continental philosophy at this stage in their young lives.
  • It culturally makes sense
    Extreme example: Talking about craft beers to a group of devout Muslims won’t resonate.
  • The content is age/situation appropriate
    Extreme example: If you are going over key football tactics to a knitting circle in a retirement home, you will probably end up with more than one bored knitter.

2. Level-up your education and skills

3. Create the right marketing materials

4. Learn from and reach out to other speakers

Enjoy yourself



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