5 New Ways for Speakers to Earn Extra Income in 2022

While speaking at lectures and events is a great way to earn a living, grow your business, and find quality leads, it can be tough to obtain consistent speaking opportunities in today’s market.

Like many professions, public speaking is evolving in the post-pandemic world, and it may be worth evaluating new areas where your voice can thrive and you can supplement your income.

Here are five ways for a speaker to earn extra income in 2022.

1. Use the Clubhouse App

Be a moderator or speaker on Clubhouse, the social audio app. This voice-based app is a platform for people to talk, share ideas, tell stories, and network.

In between finding more bookings for in-person and online speaking events, Clubhouse rooms are great places to grow your brand, master your voice, and meet fellow entrepreneurs.

Sponsors can find influencers and hire them to mention their company’s product or service.

Many companies will fund influencers to create chat rooms on the app that are dedicated to their brand, while allowing affiliate links, benefiting both the company and the person creating and moderating the chat room.

You can also hold closed Clubhouse chat rooms where listeners have to RSVP and make a payment before the chat room goes live. To gain interest and followers, you can speak in these closed chat rooms or invite high-profile speakers.

2. Narrate Audiobooks

The ability to tell a good story is a key strength for any public speaker. Using your voice to narrate audiobooks on platforms like Audible can be a good way to utilize your skills as a speaker and make some extra money.

Just like any new business venture, this may require an investment on your part. You will require the software and hardware needed for the job. But once you gain a reputation as a narrator, the investment can pay off handsomely.

Starting out, you can make around $70 per finished hour. Once you gain experience and clientele, you can charge between $100-$200 per finished hour.

While audiobooks have been around since the 1930s, the market is thriving like never before and is expected to continue to grow its current compound annual growth rate of 24.4% into at least 2027.

Audiobooks are very popular in today’s fast-paced world, making narration an exciting opportunity for anyone wanting to earn more money using their voice.

3. Start a Unique Podcast

While podcasts are not new, they are evolving in new and exciting ways to allow more interactive features such as listening circles and discussion groups.

New initiatives like Podcasting 2.0 are working to use a blockchain-based global notification system to reduce bandwidth and to permit podcasters direct payments from listeners in the form of bitcoin.

Starting a podcast will help you hone your speaking talent. Not only will it allow you the freedom to speak on numerous subjects, but it will give you the opportunity to showcase your skills and market your business.

Having a successful podcast that earns you extra income depends on knowing your audience, offering something of value that people can learn from and enjoy, and running a successful social media marketing campaign.

Starting a podcast has never been easier, and if you do it right, it can be a fun and successful way to make extra income.

However, there are millions of podcasts out there on Spotify, Stitcher, and other platforms, so do your research, be genuine, have something unique and clear in mind for your target audience, and stick to a plan.

4. Host a Webinar

As the post-pandemic world continues to find its new normal, webinars have once again gained a foothold in company marketing. While many companies continue to utilize a remote work or flex schedule, webinars are especially helpful.

Online seminars are going strong in 2022. As new software emerges, webinars are becoming more immersive and inclusive, giving the audience features like Q&A, polling, chats, closed captioning, and language translation.

Webinars can be an affordable way to reach your target audience, generate leads, and sell your product.

You can present on behalf of a company or put on your own event. Platforms like Zoom, Webex, and others will let you host an event and allow audience participation. You may also be able to charge admission for the live online event and earn extra money.

For a successful webinar, use a trusted and highly rated platform, promote your event, and ensure quality content that people will genuinely be interested in.

5. Find Voiceover Work

As a public speaker, you likely have the ability to use your voice to grab people’s attention.

Doing voiceover jobs for websites, radio, or commercials can be a great way to earn a little extra money from your speaking ability. While voiceover jobs may not be new, they are available like never before.

Freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Voice123, Freelancer, and Voices can help you find clients and land gigs. These voice gigs may not be high-paying to start with, but in time you can build a reputation and grow your brand.

Exploring New Outlets for Speaking

While in-person speaking will continue to be popular, the past couple of years have reinforced the importance of remaining flexible and variable in how you approach your business. In addition to creating online courses, the five ways we’ve discussed are great ways to earn extra money as a public speaker.

Learning new avenues and outlets to help your brand is never a bad idea, and learning to adapt and grow will only aid in success, while helping you supplement your income.

About the author:

Nicholas Rubright is the communications specialist for Writer, an AI writing assistant designed for teams. Nicholas has previously worked to develop content marketing strategies for brands like Webex, Havenly, and Fictiv.

This was originally posted on SpeakerHub Skillcamp.



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