5 Tools to Find Your Next Speaking Gig

Whether you are a newbie in the market or a seasoned speaker, finding enough speaking gigs can prove to be a task, especially if you do not have a sales background.

In the business of public speaking, your level of success is determined by your expertise and experience, which can only be attained by securing speaking opportunities. If you have been finding it difficult to score a speaking gig, this article contains tips, tricks, and tools you can use to improve your chances of success.

How to find and get great gigs

Determine Your Target Audience

To find the perfect speaking gigs, you first need to determine who your target audience is. This is simply the group of people who stand to benefit from the message you want to deliver in your speech.

You can determine your target audience based on age groups, professions, location, beliefs, problems they face, and even their lifestyle. Knowing exactly who your target audience is makes it easier for you to determine the best places to score a speaking gig and the right message to deliver. This will help break down conferences, events, and even networking opportunities to make it easier to get speaking gigs.

Actively look for prospects

Once you know your target audience and where they can be found, you need to find potential speaking gigs. You need to create a list of potential speaking opportunities that you can use to narrow down to the most promising prospects. The bigger your list of prospects, the more opportunities you have to choose from and the greater your chances of success.

One way you can find prospects is by reaching out to your networks. This can include clients, strategic partners, and colleagues, anyone who may have leads of upcoming events that require speakers.

Brainstorm possible lucrative connections in your network. Ensure you contact anyone with the potential of having ideas for possible gigs.

Learn from the successful speakers in your field

To find the best speaking gigs, you need to go where the best public speakers go. Take time to identify the big players in your industry, including influencers, CEOs, and thought-leaders. These are people who always pop up in the commentary sections of influential blogs, and the people who get invited to speak at some of the best gigs.

Create a list of 5 to 10 influential public speakers in your field and research online for their next speaking gigs. The chances are that they speak in high-profile conferences and meetings, which should also be your target. Look them up on their social platforms and follow them to learn more about upcoming events they plan to join. This will give you a wealth of possible opportunities for your next speaking gig.

You should also consider joining a community of speakers like https://speakerhub.com/ to network and connect with other public speakers. Having a network of fellow speakers is also an ideal way to learn about upcoming gigs and even get direct gig referrals.

Connect with event planners

Event planners obviously are always on the lookout for speakers. This makes them ideal contacts to have in your networking circles. Introduce yourself to well-known industry players. It is easier if you have attended some of their events in the past, as this can act as an ice breaker.

Be sure you keep the introduction simple and clear. Some of these event planners may have upcoming events that you are perfectly suited for. Reaching out may present you with the opportunity you have been looking for.

Best tools for finding paid speaking gigs

In public speaking, the technology available for finding speaking gigs is a bit limited. Some of the available options are shared amongst tens of thousands of speakers and may not be tailored to your market. If you are interested in the best options, below are some of the best tools you can use to find your next speaking gig.


SpeakerHub is one of the most reliable resources for speakers as it is used by leading event organizers to find speakers for gigs. As a speaker, you can create your profile for free. The online resource also allows registered speakers to apply to events posted on the platform. You can browse through the marketplace and send out proposals to speak at events you are interested in.

Industry information resources and publications

You should find reliable information sources in your industry and connect with the experts in these content sources. This helps you to position yourself as an expert speaker in your niche, making you more accessible to event organizers looking for speakers with your skillset.

Industry publications are also useful resources for finding speaking gigs. For instance, your industry publications may advertise an upcoming annual conference that can be added to your list of prospective events. If this year’s conference speaker list is full, you can save it in your calendar to try and score a speaking opportunity for next year’s conference.

Your CRM software

Your customer relationship management system saves information for all your previous clients or potential clients who have interacted with your business. Your client list presents a list of leads that you can use to upsell or cross-sell your services.

Go through your list of contacts and determine what services you can cross-sell or upsell to them. For instance, you can reach out to a past keynote client and present them with your company-wide consulting services, while a past consulting client is a perfect fit for group coaching.

The idea behind reaching out to your previous clients is to further your partnership in a way that benefits you and them. You may just find that one of your previous clients is looking for a public speaker at the time you reach out.

Online search engine

You can find potential speaking engagements by searching using keywords such as ‘call for speakers,’ ‘call for speakers [year]’ or ‘speakers [city]’.

When searching for an event online, it is better to search for summits, conferences etc. that are to take place in 6 to 12 months time, since chances are the organizers are still looking for speakers for those.

Social media platforms

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are social platforms that can be used to find speaking gigs.

Social media platforms usually include an algorithm that utilizes your search history to display recommendations. Once you search for gigs for the first time, the platform will start showing recommendations based on your feed, giving you access to countless speaking gigs opportunities.


If you have been struggling to find your next speaking gig, following the tips in this guide will make your future searches easier and more productive. This way, you will be able to spend less time worrying about where your next gig is coming from, and more time winning over new clients.

This was originally posted on SpeakerHub Skillcamp.




Find the perfect speaker, easily

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Find the perfect speaker, easily

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