6 Email Marketing Tips for Promoting Webinars

Identify and target the right audience

Make the sign-up easy

Add social proof and testimonials

  • Use a maximum of two testimonials in your email campaign
  • Insert the testimonials at the end of your email. You can add more testimonials on the signup page.
  • Use people instead of businesses, preferably people known by your audience
  • Include photos of people
  • Include a direct quote from the person

Emphasize the speaker

Try to create urgency

Include a strong CTA

  • Avoid overusing CTAs in your email
  • Use a clickable Call To Action button
  • The button should stand out from the rest of the email, especially in color
  • Use a straightforward command (action words) in the CTA
  • Link your CTA to the webinar landing page

In Closing



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