6 Tips for clicking with your audience

1. Perfect your topic(s)

Don’t try to be everything for everybody.

2. Use visuals to enliven the presentation

If you opt to use a visual presentation, don’t fill it up excessively with writing.

3. Make it interactive

Get the audience involved from the start.

4. Know your audience and customize your message

Inquire ahead of time as to some of the challenges your audience is currently facing, then customize your speech to address their issues or concerns.

5. Share one-liners via social media to enhance engagement

One-liners have become the new “elevator speech.”

6. Channel your nervous energy

Any professional speaker will admit that it can be nerve racking to get in front of an audience.

A bit about the author

Elizabeth is highly regarded as an author, speaker, and strategic facilitator. Best Seller Amazon author of “The Art of Getting Everything.” Elizabeth is passionate about helping professionals better understand how to manage disagreements, succeed in any negotiation and develop the strategies and tactics for success, while deploying ethical persuasion and inclusiveness skills.




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