6 Tips for Effective Use of Visuals in Your Presentation

1. Be consistent

  • Images that focus on and bring out the big idea of your presentation. Pick images which contribute to the main message, and don’t distract the audience from it.
  • Pictures with a similar color scheme and shot in a similar environment. This will lead to a consistent tone throughout your presentation. It will also prevent you from losing your audience’s attention as they focus on trying to decipher each image.

2. Use high-quality visuals

3. Add images that align with your content

4. Keep it simple

  • How legible is your text? Chilibreeze explains that text should appear clearly against your chosen background image. Use readable, simple text for your body copy to make sure your audience does not struggle to read it.
  • Use text less and talk more — Have short bullet points on your slides that contain the keywords of your message. These serve as reminders of the main ideas for you to verbalize to your audience. Talk to your listeners while presenting, and not to the screen. Speaking to the screen implies that you’re afraid of speaking to the audience, which is something that you would need to address urgently.
  • The bigger the text, the better — Since there is brief text on each slide, let each word have room to breathe. Make sure to have a clear difference between the headlines and their supporting text by using various font sizes and maybe colors.

5. Avoid clutter

  • Fit your images into a similar shape: If your images are of different sizes, use a binding element such as a grid. This will make the pictures appear tidy and well-fitted on your slide and will make them more understandable.
  • Use the same size and shape of photos: Whether you choose a square, circular or rectangular shape for your photo presentation, make them the same size to ensure the scannability of your slides.
  • Cluster, align and group your content — Evenly and consistently grouping the elements on your slide allows people to visually register the pattern and comprehend the information quicker. The simplest way to add groupings to slides is to have an image, a headline, and a descriptive body. Make sure to also align the elements of your slide along the X and Y axes.

6. Check for copyright

In closing



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