8 Tips to Write an Effective Script for Your Speech or Your Virtual Event

1. Start With an Outline

  • Introduction
  • The essential points that the event (or speech) will cover
  • Q&A
  • Conclusion

2. Embrace Conversational Writing Style

3. Grab Attention With the First Impression

  • Greet the viewers
  • Be straightforward
  • Introduce yourself
  • Give background details to establish trust
  • Explain the purpose of the event
  • Address the common questions (e.g. whether the meeting will be available to stream on-demand)

4. State the Agenda Concisely

5. Use a Skimmable Format and Structure

  • Create headings
  • Highlight keywords with bold or colored text
  • Separate different ideas into different sections
  • Write in small paragraphs
  • Use all caps to indicate a change of tone or emphasis
  • Make the font large enough for a quick read
  • Add plenty of white space

6. Include Case Studies, Statistics, and/or Real Stories

7. End the Event or Your Talk With a Powerful Message

8. Rehearse and Edit Until You’re Satisfied With Results

Wrapping Up



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