Should you learn verbal persuasion techniques that can make your speeches more effective?

Well, if you aim to inspire, convince, and transform perspectives about a specific topic, or perhaps to bargain more effectively, the answer is yes.

The power of persuasion can not only help you in your professional life but in your personal life too. These persuasion skills and influencing tactics can make you a more effective and competent speaker, irrespective of your topic or industry.

Is it Ethical to Use Persuasion Techniques as a Speaker?

When you can convince the world of your authenticity with your words alone, you are not just a better orator, but a better…

Events have always been a way of engaging with a community and taking its pulse. However, the event industry has been lagging behind for a while now in terms of data collection and its translation into knowledge to create more engaging experiences. Last year forced a transformation in how event organizers collect data, giving them access to insights about audiences they didn’t dare dream of in pre-pandemic times.

While technology has helped us to efficiently collect impressive amounts of data, the question of how to use it remains largely unanswered. The huge leap in data collection has not always meant…

Public speaking is one of the best ways to enhance your personal development across several verticals. This is because you require strong communication skills in almost every aspect of life.

Regardless of whether you’re a politician, a salesperson, or a motivational speaker, it is important to learn how to speak in front of others and build your confidence.

How Do You Improve Your Public Speaking Skills?

If you are just beginning your career as a public speaker, there are a few basics you will need to know. …

Ryan Foland speaks with Tamsen Webster — a messaging strategist, speaker, and author.

Tamsen started off in a corporate job before she found the way to becoming, what she calls, a “professional who speaks”. In this podcast, she talks about how she manages to put the pro in professional speaker.

She talks about the importance of leading the audiences on the right path by giving them the information they need rather than the information they ask for, how to define and improve your message and address specific issues, and most importantly, why being easy to work with can go a…

Online meetings and presentations differ greatly from in-person interactions. Online events may be easier to attend, but they are not at all easy when it comes to engaging with your audience or other participants. To avoid interaction issues, let’s look at ways in which you can prepare for a meeting.

Structure your presentation

Structuring your content is a must if you want to keep your audience engaged. Here are a couple of key points that can help you out with that.

Plan it out. Don’t build your content, visuals, etc. one night before your presentation. …

The first TED talks were streamed back in 2006, and since then they’ve become a unique phenomenon that has made a tremendous cultural impact. TEDx talks are viewed 1.5 million times a day, and their popularity has turned them into examples of good public speaking and presentation skills. No matter what your presentation is about or what your audience is, you will most likely be silently compared to TED speakers many times during your speech.

However, TED talks not only set a high bar for public speaking but also give you an opportunity to learn from talented speakers. You can…

Ryan Foland speaks to Maria Soriano Young, Writing Center Director and freelance editor, and Scott Allen, assistant professor of management about their latest project.

When Maria and Scott first discussed working together on Scott’s new book idea, they had a very different view on what their collaboration would look like. What started like an editor-author relationship, quickly turned into a co-authoring effort.

The result was a book that researches and documents best practices for delivering digital presentations. Maria and Scott spoke to numerous speakers and experts and observed how they managed to master the online domain.

Tune in for a…

The COVID-19 outbreak has confined the majority of us much more to our homes. While we can’t do anything about not being able to go out so much, we certainly can make the most out of this time we have to ourselves.

Creative and hardworking people are spending this “leisure” time learning new skills and improving existing ones. In my opinion, some of the most important skills that you should consider improving are those related to speaking and presentation.

According to Warren Buffett a person’s value increases by up to 50% when they have built their communication skills. But do…

Imagine yourself walking onto a stage to deliver a speech. If your body turns cold and your vision turns black just with the thought of it, it is a sign that your fear of public speaking is all set to ruin opportunities for you. It is time to start working on your fear, because in times of cut-throat competition, you cannot afford to lose your limited opportunities to a phobia. What if I tell you you can overcome this fear just by using your phone! You read that right. In today’s progressive world, we have apps that can help you…

They say that you know you love your job when you’re willing to do it for free. But being willing to do it for free doesn’t mean that you have to. Numerous articles have been written to help public speakers get paid gigs and make a living out of their passion, how to price themselves, and where to look for paid speaking opportunities. We’ve covered these topics in past articles on our blog. If you want to get our expert advice on becoming a well-paid speaker, head here.

In this article I want to focus on the power dynamics between…


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