Become a Better Speaker With These 6 Tips

#1 Know Your Topic Well

  • Know What You Want to Talk About — Start by studying specifically what you want to talk about. This is the main topic of your speech and everything you want to talk about. You need to thoroughly know all the essential information you want to deliver to your audience.
  • Learn Additional Information Just in Case — Just in case, you should also learn additional information about your topic. These are things you don’t plan to talk about but someone in the audience could ask you about. It’s good to be prepared to answer these questions.
  • Consider Studying Adjacent Topics as Well — If you want to get an even better understanding of your topic and prepare for your speech even more thoroughly, you can consider studying adjacent topics as well. These are things not directly relevant to your topic that are still related to it in some way.

#2 Organize Your Speech

#3 Identify Specific Fears

  • Look Back on Your Past Experiences — If you have already performed on stage in some way, you can look back on your past experiences and try to understand what scared you.
  • Consider Which Phobias You Have — Your stage fright could be directly related to another phobia or fear you may have. For example, you might be afraid of failure or you could be scared of big social gatherings.
  • Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses — Your fear of public speaking could be related to your own understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. If you think you are bad at something, you could be scared that it could affect your speech. But if you know your strengths and weaknesses, you can actually address the issues you might have before you go on stage.

#4 Visualize Your Success

#5 Practice as Much as Possible

#6 Don’t Focus on Your Audience

Final Thoughts



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