Building a speaker website: 5 easy-to-use platforms reviewed

1. Wix

  • Beautiful sites that are easy to make. You can make a very professional looking site in a few days, rather than pay thousands of dollars for a developer to make you something very similar
  • Easy to edit on the go: With the mobile app you can add pages and content quickly and efficiently.
  • Great customer service: If you run into an issue, the team is readily available and will stick with you until you get it sorted, even for the free version.
  • With the free version, audience commenting is limited.
  • While there is a booking page, it is not great. There isn’t a calendar option, this would have to be built or added as a plugin, which might not be ideal if this is what you need from your site.
  • If you want to customize, this can be finicky. Once you switch from the Wix Artificial Design Intelligence to the Wix Editor you can’t go back, which can be a pain.


  • User-friendly CMS: WordPress is a strong content management system because of its origin in blogging. It is very easy to navigate through the pages and content on a WordPress website.
  • Plugins: There are over 50,000 mostly free plugins available to WordPress users. These plugins allow you to customize and enhance any WordPress site.
  • SEO: The importance of SEO best practices is at an all time high. WordPress does a good job of supporting these best practices. There are many SEO plugins available to help optimize content, meta tags, keyword focus and much more.
  • Installing updates is important to the health of your WordPress site, but can be a nuisance. Premium WordPress themes are updated and improved often.
  • Being an open-source platform, WordPress is attractive to potential hackers. To mitigate this risk you’ll need to be circumspect in choosing plugins and themes for your WordPress site
  • Speed: Certain themes contain a lot of unnecessary generic code. This can decrease the speed of the site and cause slow load times. Without prior WordPress experience it can be hard to understand what you need and what you can do without.

3. Constant Contact Website Builder

  • No setup fees, contracts, or design costs.
  • Never worry about upgrades, maintenance or other technical stuff.
  • Compatible with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.
  • Built-in local SEO tools.
  • Includes hosting with unlimited bandwidth and disk space.
  • Less suited for those that want to use their own design
  • No phone support on the free plan
  • No Android App for Mobile
  • Limited subscriber list during free trial

4. Squarespace

  • Despite the high price, Squarespace is probably the best pick for individuals who need image-based websites. Think of photographers and wedding planners.
  • Squarespace’s 200+ design templates look good — really good. They may be the most professional looking options out there.
  • Squarespace sites look and feel custom. But they still have the same intuitive editor that allows you to customize things in seconds.
  • Relatively expensive price plans. The main issue for Squarespace’s pricing versus non-all-inclusive solutions are their plan caps. Their plans are limited to a single website, and their lower tier plans cap the number of pages and products.
  • Not totally beginner-friendly. For example, their SEO options are sort of present but require workarounds to get the right metadata in place.
  • Squarespace lacks support for 3rd party apps and extensions.This approach does ensure that everything just works though.

5. Weebly

  • Weebly offers a limited free plan. You can try it out on a small scale before paying. They also offer a 15-day free trial.
  • Weebly includes hundreds of great templates organized by type, including drag-and-drop options for eCommerce, too.
  • Our favorite Weebly feature was the intuitive editor. It was very easy to customize site options and build a website.
  • There are only 60 themes to choose from, and it seems as many of them could use an update.
  • The least expensive packages are so limited that you will likely need to upgrade later.
  • Weebly has an uptime of 99.97%, which is shorter than the 99.99% — 100%, that other sites on this list provided.




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