Creating a great profile: First impressions matter

Introduction: First impression and establishing credibility

Banner images that make an impact

  • Use a high-quality photo, a photo which is crisp and non-pixelated is optimal so the event organizer can clearly see you.
  • Show your audience so the event organizer can see what your key audience looks like.
  • Show yourself in the type of event you are looking for. If you want to talk to highschool students, give workshops, high-level keynotes, whatever it is, feature it. Your banner should reflect the audiences you are speaking to.

Job title: Establish expertise

Why choose me? Entice them to dive into your profile

Offer social proof with recommendations and testimonials


  • audience members who have heard you speak
  • event organizers from events you’ve spoken at
  • other speakers who you’ve worked with
  • known supporters who follow your content and regard you as an expert


Wrapping it up



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