Five Online Public Speaking Courses for 2021

#1: Alex Lyon: How to Open and Close Presentations Like a Boss

Course #2: Matt Abrahams: Managing Your Anxiety While Presenting

Course #3: Chris Anderson: Chris Anderson on Public Speaking

Course #4: Dr. Matt McGarrity: Dynamic Public Speaking Specialization

  • Course #1: Introduction to Public Speaking
  • Course #2: Speaking to Inform: Discussing Complex Ideas with Clear Explanations and Dynamic Slides
  • Course #3: Speaking to Persuade: Motivating Audiences with Solid Arguments and Moving Language
  • Course #4: Speaking to Inspire: Ceremonial and Motivational Speeches

Course #5: TJ Walker: 2021 Complete Public Speaking Masterclass for Every Occasion

  • How to look comfortable, confident, and relaxed in speaking situations
  • How to speak clearly and understandably
  • How to speak in a memorable way
  • How to influence your audience
  • How to know exactly what to do when speaking to any size audience




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