Getting paid more to speak: how to increase your speaking fee

Setting a low rate will lessen your perceived value

Low speaking fees will result in being hired for low budget events

It will be harder to scale your business because you will make less money for the same amount of time

  • Extra help
  • Instead of trying to get your own speaking engagements, you could hire a lead generator. Instead of managing all your emails and calendar and travel plans, you could afford a virtual assistant to take some of that pressure off. You could hire a bookkeeper to help you manage your finances. You could hire a designer to make your slides look more professional.
  • A business coach
  • Hiring a business coach is a next-level strategy to help you scale your business.
  • What makes a business coach different from an online forum, networking group, or mentor is that they will look specifically at both who you are as a speaker, and how you are running your business. Even if it is just for a few hours every couple of months, that focus is going to be fixed on helping you grow your business.
  • High-quality promotional material
  • With a top-notch speaker reel, a professional and well-designed speaker website, and a bit of social media advertising, you can increase the odds of getting hired for quality events, increase your credibility, and access new audiences.
  • Some speakers see these as nice extras, but in 2019, having an online presence is a must.
  • If you don’t have these things, it could hurt your credibility and keep you from being able to land better events.
  • Multiple revenue streams
  • The trick to making money as a speaker is to create multiple revenue streams so that you are not 100% reliant on actual speaking engagements to earn your income.
  • But if you are working (for low fees) all the time, you won’t be able to set time aside to cultivate and create these streams.
  • Adding to your bottom line means you will be able to afford to take the time to write a book or develop a course, which will help you make more money, and grow your business in the long run.

Increase your speaking fee

  • Your tax rate (for example: 20%)
  • Benefits for you and your family (for example: 25%)
  • Speaker bureau or agency fees (for example: 20%)
  • Booking agent’s fee/assistant’s salary (for example: 10%)
  • Why doing your research about the event is a pre-negotiation must.
  • How to set your “walkaway” terms.
  • How to make the event organizer want you before you even talk about price.
  • 5 effective negotiating tactics.
  • How to walk away with extras.

Wrapping up



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