How do I choose an event management software?

20 questions to ask before choosing a system

  1. What do I really need from the event management software?
  2. What challenges do I currently have that I want the event management system to solve?
  3. What do we want the end result to be?
  4. How do I define ROI? What would make the software worthwhile for me and my organization?
  5. What is my budget?
  6. Do I need it to be branded for my event?
  7. What features do I absolutely need?
  8. What additional features would I like to have?
  9. Who will be using the platform: the event team, the audience, or both?
  10. What data would be helpful for us to collect about our audience?
  11. What data and reporting do I need to help me improve my events that the event management system could provide?
  12. How important is data security and privacy to me and the people who will be using it?
  13. How much time do I have to choose a system, get trained on it, customize it, and launch it?
  14. How skilled am I, and my team, when it comes to learning a new technology? Can I manage this, or do I need to bring someone else in?
  15. Will I need this for a single event or multiple events?
  16. Which platforms do I want to integrate it with (examples: WordPress, MailChimp, Facebook, etc.)
  17. What do I have available already to support the platform?
  18. What devices will we be using to access the software?
  19. Do I have back-up plan if something goes wrong with the software?
  20. Am I willing to pay more for a more reliable solution?

20 questions to ask the event software provider before signing a contract

  1. What is all included in the base price? What are the additional fees and add-ons?
  2. Do I have to sign a multi-year contract?
  3. If I want to stop using the platform and cancel the contract, what is the policy? Are there additional fees to end my contract early?
  4. Is it a one-off fee, or do I pay per registrant?
  5. If there is an emailing system, am I limited to a certain number of emails or contacts on the email list?
  6. If I cancel my contract, will I be charged an additional fee to retrieve my registrants information and contact details from your platform?



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