How to Use Public Speaking to Grow Your Brand

1. Set your objectives

  • Get more email signups
  • Increase sales
  • Increase the number of social media followers
  • Encourage repeat customers

2. Identify your target audience

3. Prepare relevant material

4. Focus on telling stories

  • Your own experiences.
  • Other people’s (preferably well-known figures) experiences.
  • The research you’ve conducted on the topic.

5. Importance of thought leadership

  • Anticipating change. Make it your top priority to spot ways your industry is changing. Remember that change is constant and avoid a fixed mindset.
  • Research using tools like Google Trends to spot topics that will dominate the conversation.
  • Keep abreast of conference agendas by looking at conference keynotes and breakout sessions in your niche. Most conferences are led by niche subject matter experts who know the latest trends.

6. Post on social media

Wrapping Up



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