Introducing the Speaking Model Canvas

Why is this an effective tool for speakers?

The Speaking Model Canvas

The sections and how to use them

  • Event’s Mission: The event’s purpose and reason for being.
  • Event’s Vision: The event organization’s long-term, aspirational business goals.
  • Value Propositions: What the talk will offer the audience.
  • Event’s audience: The target audience for the event.
  • Speaker’s Expertise: what relevant experience and expertise can the speaker offer, specific to the event
  • Talk’s top takeaway: what the key goal of the talk is
  • Promoting the event: How the speaker can help promote the event
  • Influencers: who the top influencers at the event will be
  • Social media: what the expectations are, main channels, and hashtag
  • Offer: Money offer from the event + additional other offers
  • Event details: venue, date, and time(s)



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