Paid Speaking Opportunities: The Beginner’s Guide

The answer to the question of how to become a public speaker can entail a lot of advice consisting of a number of recommended actions. But the core of the task lies in constant self-development. Would-be speakers should have a constant passion for learning about research in their area of expertise as well as improving their speaking and delivery skills.

Get to the point where you start getting paid

Experienced speakers, when talking about the beginning of their careers, will often tell you that they started with free speeches at forums, schools, and similar events while building their skills and experience.

Gaining experience and finding your audience gives you an increased chance of getting paid for your speeches. When your audience is excited about you, that’s when you can start monetizing your performance.

Strategies to build your speaking career

A speaker who is an expert in his field of knowledge is more likely to get noticed by event organizers. But how do you get to a point where it is not you who are looking for places to speak, but the organizers who want you at their events? Having a strategy for your own development is key, and that strategy should include:

  • The deep study of the topic you will cover. Achieve expert-level knowledge in order to become a sought-after professional.
  • Work on the way you speak. Develop your speaking ability, from timing to the tone of your voice.
  • Start with free speeches. When you lack experience, organizers are unlikely to pay you for your work. Once you’ve gained the audience’s trust, you’ll slowly but surely get to the stage where you start getting paid.
  • Be true to your identity. There may be many great speakers in your field, so think about what it is that you have that makes you stand out from the crowd — and work on that.
  • Make an effort to monetize your activities as soon as it’s feasible. The moment you find your way, you need to find ways to self-promote and make sure that more people hear about you.

The beginning of any activity requires planning and accumulating the mental and physical resources required to succeed. Once you have your development plan, everything becomes possible.

Tips from the professionals

Here are some great tips from professional speakers to help you become a paid public speaker.

Take care of yourself

Adam Grant gives advice on how to get your own life in order and find resources for creating great things. He recommends that you start by taking time to care for your body and mental health.

How can someone inspire others when they don’t feel inspired themselves? If you suffer from a lack of sleep, food or mental satisfaction, you can never devote your whole self to what’s important to you. Suppose you sleep 5 hours a night, rarely eat breakfast, don’t socialize with friends, and work 12 hours a day on your project. How long will your body and spirit be able to function fully? It will only be a matter of months before you lose motivation, mental strength and inspiration. That’s why it’s so important to keep a balance between work and leisure, and always take care of yourself.

Tailor your content to the audience

Professor of Psychology Robert Sternberg argues that before shaping their speech, every speaker should study the intended audience. By having an understanding of what professions your audience represent and what their expectations are for your speech, a speaker can tailor their content to the audience.

As an example, let’s imagine a situation in which a speaker begins a talk with students or researchers who are just beginning their professional journey. When a speaker starts talking to this audience using overly complex terminology and overloading them with data, it is likely that they will not be able to take the information on board. That’s why it’s so important to tailor your content for your audience.

Be competent in what you do

Every speaker will find themselves in a situation where they need a second opinion or the opinion of an expert. This is especially true for those who create speeches involving complex technological processes and scientific research. In such cases, you need to be absolutely sure about the terminology used in your speech. If your niche is the development of new technologies or innovations in the world of applications, for instance, do not hesitate to get advice from other experts in your field and professional companies such as JatApp to learn more about innovations in the world of technology.


What the aspiring professional should remember is that constant self-development is key. Use every available resource to do this, from apps and technology to facilitate workflows to getting professional advice. Create a development strategy and follow the plan for a successful speaking career.

About the author:

Florence Plath is a freelance journalist and content creator. She specializes in tech innovations and marketing strategies. Florence’s main goal is to create valuable content that will help her audience understand trends in technology and marketing. She is a shining example of professionalism and commitment to self-development in her area of activity. Never tiring of learning new things, she provides the newest and most useful content to her audience.

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Find the perfect speaker, easily

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