Paid Speaking Opportunities: The Beginner’s Guide

Get to the point where you start getting paid

Strategies to build your speaking career

  • The deep study of the topic you will cover. Achieve expert-level knowledge in order to become a sought-after professional.
  • Work on the way you speak. Develop your speaking ability, from timing to the tone of your voice.
  • Start with free speeches. When you lack experience, organizers are unlikely to pay you for your work. Once you’ve gained the audience’s trust, you’ll slowly but surely get to the stage where you start getting paid.
  • Be true to your identity. There may be many great speakers in your field, so think about what it is that you have that makes you stand out from the crowd — and work on that.
  • Make an effort to monetize your activities as soon as it’s feasible. The moment you find your way, you need to find ways to self-promote and make sure that more people hear about you.

Tips from the professionals

Take care of yourself

Be competent in what you do




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