SpeakerHub 2019: The first 3 years in review

Key Indicators

  • We have 6,976 publicly visible speakers on the site, as well as 400 private speakers (speakers who wish to be discretionary about who sees their profile.)
  • Our users are mostly under 45. The most common age of our users are millennials (35%) followed by gen x (21%) and then gen z (18%).
  • We have more men than women on our site, however, the gender gap is 16%
  • Number of “calls for speakers” in the past 3 years — 4,250
  • Paid events posted — 492

Agencies, alumni and other white label clients

  1. Red Hat
  2. Evolutionary Business Council
  3. Public Speakers’ Association
  4. Society Speaker Directory
  5. UCI Alumni

SpeakerHub’s content: resources to help speakers grow their businesses

  • 16.4k listens
  • 13.7k listens in the past year
  • 70% of listeners came from the US (the next top countries to tune in are Canada, UK, and Australia.)

SkillCamp and blog

  • 12 guides
  • 5 resources and templates
  • 4 group discussions
  • 69 interviews
  • 52 guest posts
  • 34 lists
  • 32 visuals (infographics/slide decks/videos)
  • 8 webinars

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