The comprehensive webinar checklist

6 Weeks Before

  • Pick your topic
  • Pick a date
  • Pick speakers and/or hosts and co-hosts
  • Set your goals and metrics for the webinar

4 Weeks Before

  • Select webinar platform to host webinar on
  • Decide whether you want to link directly to webinar platform from the registration page, or whether you will email them with sign-in details before the webinar
  • Create registration landing page
  • Title of the webinar
  • Description of the topic and benefits
  • Date/Time with timezone converter
  • Sign-in information and/or contact info
  • Speaker bios, headshots, and description of their topic
  • Hashtag and social links

3 Weeks before

  • Work with your speakers to create an outline of the webinar
  • Create first draft of webinar slide deck
  • Promoting the webinar
  • Social Media
  • Blog post
  • Email List
  • Website pop-up or banner
  • Online advertising
  • PR

2 Weeks before

  • Upload slide deck into webinar platform
  • Do a dry run of webinar with your hosts and speakers
  • Test audio, visuals, videos, and slides
  • Make any final changes to the set up or slide deck.
  • Set up 4–5 Tweets that you can post during the webinar with slides or quotes.

3 days before

  • Send out a reminder email to all attendees. Include:
  • Sign-in information or link
  • Date and time with timezone converter
  • The benefits of attending
  • The webinar hashtag
  • What will happen after the webinar if someone cannot attend
  • Speaker/Host/Co-Hosts: Decide on where the physical location, make sure it:
  • Has a flawless internet connection
  • Has a minimal background and good lighting (if you will be on camera)
  • Is quiet and you will not be disturbed.

Day of your webinar

  • 2hrs before:
  • Promote on all your social media platforms
  • Send out a reminder email including all the information
  • 30 minutes before: Have both the host and your speakers call in
  • 10 minutes before: repost on social media

During the webinar

  • Make sure to record webinar for later downloading
  • You or the host: give an introduction to the webinar:
  • Remind the attendees of the hashtag
  • Explain how the Q+A will work (Chatbox/Twitter/etc.)
  • Introduce the host or speaker
  • Tweet quotes and slides
  • Gather questions
  • Ask the speakers at the end of the webinar during Q&A.
  • Use the hashtag you created and answer questions from Twitter, as well as in the webinar platform.
  • Conclude the webinar
  • Thank the audience
  • Let them know what will happen after the webinar
  • Share your contact info

3 days after the webinar

  • Adjust landing page copy, or close the landing page down
  • Create a blog post or landing page about the webinar. Include:
  • Video recording: upload the recording online (ie. YouTube)
  • Slides: upload the slide deck to SlideShare.
  • Transcription: only include the relevant content from the webinar
  • Helpful links (books, referenced material)
  • Contact details
  • Send follow up email to attendees with a link to the blog/landing page
  • Send a follow up email to registrants who did not attend with a link to the blog/landing page



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