We need to talk about the B2B market. It’s a game changer for solopreneur speakers

Why should solopreneur speakers think about B2B?

  1. Bigger budgets

How to do it

1. Position yourself as a thought leader

2. Learn how to sell your content

  1. They want to improve their business or organization
  2. They want to look good in front of their boss
  3. They don’t want to make mistakes.
  1. What will help them improve their business, and how you, specifically, can help.

3. Look good online

  1. A website that’s really good and clear.
  2. Professionally shot photography.
  3. Tightly written speech descriptions and a very well-written bio.
  4. A high-quality video so they can see you in action.
  5. A fee schedule that is coherent and clear.
  6. Testimonials.

4. Network, get referrals, and reach out



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