What is UX Writing and Why is it Critical for Audience Engagement Online

What is UX writing

How UX writing boosts audience engagement

How UX writing differs from other writing

Tips for getting UX writing right

  • Keep it conversational: UX writing should be straightforward, but also friendly. It’s important to imagine you’re talking to a friend. Use clear language and opt for command forms whenever possible (i.e. click here, learn more, etc.).
  • Cut, cut, cut: Try to shorten your word count without changing your message. Cut unnecessary words so that the copy pops. Imagining that you are addressing a virtual assistant may help you cut to the chase.
  • Make it scannable: Time is of the essence for online users. Copy should be easily scannable. That means key information at the top, breaking up text into logically distinct sections, and using numbers/bullet points to assist focus.
  • Bring brand into it: Brand voice should always be a part of UX writing. Whether your voice is bubbly and fun, or sleek and professional, UX copy should fall in line.
  • Stay positive: Don’t be a Debbie Downer. Whenever possible, phrase copy in a positive way. That means avoiding “don’t” as much as you can. In general, UX writing should be casual, not demanding.
  • Use visuals: Visuals speak louder than words. You can couple UX writing with images to enhance or simplify the message. Just don’t overdo it.
  • Do user research about the target audience: You absolutely need to know your target audience to tailor UX writing accordingly. Often microcopy steers away from “voicey” writing, but this will depend greatly on your audience.
  • Write UX copy alongside design: Design and UX writing go hand-in-hand. Often, when something goes wrong with the UX copy, it means the design isn’t quite right. Incorporating UX writing early in the design phase is ideal.
  • Use analytics data to improve copy: Nobody can see the future. Be sure to check out analytics to see how users are doing. If you’re seeing high drop-off rates, you might want to take a second look at the copy.

Final takeaway



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